Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 11.35.30 PMBecoming the youngest GM in Romania never would have been possible without the education I received. I was fortunate enough to train with the best coaches in the country and each had an important role in my development, both on and off the chess board. Having guidance from a coach is as important as it is in any other sport. I want to help other ambitious players achieve their full potential. The chess world is full of players that know opening theory but are not properly prepared after the opening phase. Due to the popularity of computers, many players have come to rely on the suggestions of the device. Without the influence of the computer, many players have a difficult time manipulating the position and finding the continuations. My work routine is largely focused on analyzing and improving my own games. This not only improves my opening knowledge but also helps me understand my strength and weaknesses to work on specific parts of my game. With my students I apply the same ideology, after analyzing their own games, I assess the weaknesses and strengths and create a personalized work plan to fully maximize one’s potential.

Cristian has a coaching experience of over 5 years and has been the Head Coach of the Bay Area Chess Elite Team since its inception in 2015. Visit the team’s webpage here

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Online lessons via ZOOM $130/session

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