12122856_10153582699866675_6172189950671122596_nIn the year 2009, I became the youngest person to earn the Grandmaster title in all of Romania. While the achievement is gratifying, it did not come to fruition without perseverance and a little elbow grease. I began playing chess at the age of five. It was a spring day and with the rain also came the flu. My entire kindergarten class was infected and hence they closed school. I became restless. I was not ill. I had a lot of energy. I would not take naps. To occupy me, my father offered me a bargain; I would not have to finish the school year if I accepted tutoring and chess lessons. He being a chess player, gave me the lessons himself and a chess player was born.

The silent, yet very heart thundering rhythm of the game always made me feel that chess is like a ride in a sound-proofed car: you’re the only one that can hear what happens inside and see what’s outside. The ride has a clear destination – winning the game. I always try to study my opponent and figure out the music playing in his car – I try to anticipate his every move. This anticipation as well as the competitive aspect are the incentives that keep me going even after tough loses.
At the age of nine I won my first major competition and earned the title for national Junior Champion. This accomplishment solidified for me that chess would forever be my greatest passion.
Throughout the years I continued to earn numerous national and international medals including the World Championship title in the U-16 category. I later went on to study at UTD in the United States.

My mission with this website is to enhance the image of chess. Not only as a sport but as a fascinating brawl of intellect. I believe chess is a great educational tool. Chess needs a dynamic approach and dynamic people to promote it. I hope that with this site I will be one of those people.