the YouTube venture

A few days ago I decided to create a YouTube channel. Many of my students are asking me about ways of improving their game, sites to go to, books to read, etc. While there is an incredible amount of information out there, I feel like something is missing.

When I first started chess I immediately got hooked on it. It was not that I liked the wooden pieces or the awkward movement that was leading to the defeat of the opponent king, it was something else which kept me going. I didn’t want to be anywhere else besides the chess club. It was the community out there, the kids that immediately befriended me and embraced me as one of their own. This was the thing that kept my fire burning and my will to always come back to the club, practice, compete, and progress. I feel that we have slowly lost that community sense, this is why I will try to create one through my Youtube channel.

Here I will post a daily blitz session with commentary, during which I will also be discussing other topics that seem peak my interest that day, doesn’t have to be related to chess. The channel will also include a Q&A type of session once a week, a weekly chess recap session that will cover the most interesting moments from the chess world, and hopefully a lecture type of broadcast that will touch on different subject for different levels. While this is somewhat of a large and time consuming project and I might sometimes miss a post for various reasons, this will be my to go place to get back in touch with that community feel as well as help others in search for the same thing, therefore I hope not to miss too many posts. Hope you will enjoy it, here is my first unedited and very sloppy video. Please support the community by sharing and subscribing. Thanks!